Thursday, 26 March 2015

Hair loss treatments in Dubai, Muscat

Hair loss is a huge concern of both men and women living in the Middle East, especially in the luxuriant cities of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and Muscat in Oman. Numerous businesses in these cities cater to the treatment of all kinds of hair loss – both genetic and circumstantial.
Nicholson’s Homeopathic hair loss treatment has been successfully treating patients for hair loss all over Kerala and is bringing their expertise to the cities of Dubai and Muscat. Homeopathy has long been hailed as the most successful approach to decrease the rate of hair loss and reverse it depending on the situation. However, it is the presence of a high amount of situational causal agents in the aforementioned cities that has induced Nicholson’s to promote their hair loss treatment in Dubai and Muscat. 
Genetically linked causes of hair loss refer to a condition known as alopecia which can occur in both males and females.  The percentage of men and women affected differs from region to region but has been found to be significantly high throughout the Middle East, including Muscat and Dubai where up to seventy five percent of men and forty percent of women have been found to suffer from aggravated hair loss at some point in their lives. There is no treatment for alopecia as the genetic codes in one’s body programs hair follicles to grow thinner and finally detach completely from the scalp. This process is non reversible and at best can be slowed with the use of homeopathic remedies. Beyond a certain point, the patient will have to opt for cosmetic hair replacement such as transplants, grafting or weaving.
The major circumstantial factors that could cause hair loss are poor nutrition, hot weather, hard tap water and stress – all of which are experienced to an extent by residents of the two cities. Homeopathy is an advantageous method of treatment for hair loss, especially for residents and settlers in Dubai and Muscat as it employs a holistic approach towards the treatment of the same. For Dr. Renji Nicholson and the doctors at Nicholson’s Homeopathic hair loss treatment, the importance of such an approach can never be overstated. Hair loss may be caused by a sudden period of stress, but that stress could have other degenerative effects on the body. Conversely, it may be a new medication or change in diet that causes said stress in the first place. In the practise of homeopathic medicine, one externally visible symptom isn’t simply attacked with a barrage of medication. Thus when availing homeopathic treatment, the stress is treated as much as the symptom of it – the  hair loss.   


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